Thursday, July 12, 2012

We`re Baaaack!

It`s been too long.  I`ve missed our chats.  I`ve missed speaking in full sentences to someone over 3 feet tall!  That`s right.....I got pregnant.....while starting my photography business....put everything on hold as my world took a different turn....and fell in love with the most amazing thing I`d ever held in my arms, my new daughter.

But now, I`m back....she`s talking....running around....and I`m excited to share all of the things that I have learned and seen while I was away.

Fortunately, for me, AND my brain, even though my shooting time was minimal, my workshop and study time was long.  I`ve spent a good part of my time away learning, polishing skills, mastering technology, and I`m ready to hit the ground running.   I`d love for you to come along for the ride.

I`m still a Sony shooter.  I may add cameras, but, I will probably always have a few Sony bodies accompanied by the amazing Zeiss glass.  You KNOW what I`m talking about, if you know Sony and Minolta lenses!  I love the Sony DSLR`s, and feel like dollar for dollar, they are the best out there.  I haven`t gone into the world of the SLT, but, I have used most of the other existing Sony bodies.  I have an arsenal of favorite Minolta and Sony lenses, and have recently been stepping up my use of my camera`s video functions.  I HAVE been lusting after the Sony A77, but, I have to keep my priorities in check.  Anyway, a visit to Samy`s on any nice day, teaches me that in photography, there will ALWAYS be LUSTworthy gear out there on the horizon!

Anyhow, stay tuned....SO much more to come!

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