Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just getting started - Welcome

I'm not sure where to begin. So much is going on right now. Writing, photography, travel, building, politics, pets, kids & families. Bits and bunches to share on ALL of those topics and more. I'll try not to rant too hard, but, sometimes, I can't stop myself.

I'm in Los Angeles. Not necessarily by choice, but, can't leave yet. Working on it really hard. Need somewhere that grass grows without having to install sprinklers. Don't get touchy if you're from here,(although most of you are not). If you're from the east coast, like me, who knew that if you don't have sprinklers or a water hose, all you'll grow in L.A. is dirt, weeds, and a great suntan. Okay, they claim to have these plants that don't need water called "natives", but, they just don't look right to a girl from North Carolina!

In defense of L.A., she has given me some great times and amazing opportunities,but, like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home". Still you can't beat L.A.'s sunny days, photo ops with beautiful sights and people, and, with the elections coming up, it's starting to be a hotbed of political controversy and positioning. How exciting! Kind of fun to watch, especially for a girl from the country hanging out in a place known fondly as LA-LA land.

Anyhow, keep posted, I'll try to let you know what's happening in the midst of the madness.

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